San Diego Paradise Point Resort

San Diego Paradise Point Resort

A Noble House Hotel, San Diego Paradise Point Resort is one of San Diego’s premier destination resorts. (Formerly San Diego Princess Resort)

San Diego Paradise Point Resort desired to bring the convenience of online reservations to their clientele, as well as provide information about their resort and amenities as easily and quickly as possible.

San Diego Paradise Point Resort turned to its design firm for a website design that would incorporate both the fun feel and quality of their resort. After initial design and programming of the website, Cast Shadow Design was brought in to optimize the design for the web.

After optimizing and re-programming the home page, and re-designing the interior page layout, Cast Shadow reprogrammed the interior pages. Although the new design has been fully implemented, Paradise Point Resort desires to keep it’s look and feel as fresh as possible for their visitors and adds and updates features to the site.

This site also included an online photo album for visitors to leaf through and see the hotel and grounds.

Noble House Hotels has chosen to take all hotel websites in-house, and redesigned the look of the Paradise Point Resort website to match their new corporate guidelines.